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Bhurani Real Estate has provided us maximum number of customers at our Enclave project among many of our associates.As a result it has helped us immensely in creating awareness of our existence and marketing of the residential sites at our different layouts.A very surprising observation is many of the customers do not seek to visit the project before investing but go ahead and buy them only on the basis of Mr.Bhurani's word.This is testimony to the trust and confidence their clients bestow on them.

It is always satisfying to offer a letter as this one as it signifies that they succeeding in providing total satisfaction to us by giving customers for our business and also to those customers who are reaping the benefits of gaining more than 100% profits by investing in our project.Just to mention-a site at rs.95/- square feet in 2010 at Savera Enclave is worth more than Rs.200/- square feet in 2010 at Savera Enclave is worth more than Rs.200/- square feet in present time.The phrase WIN-WIN SITUATION aptly describes our relationship with Bhurani Real Estate.

We say thank you and look forward to work with them in our future projects.

- D. L Dalmia Chairman-Savera Land Developers PVT.LTD

My landlord was struggling for the past four years to settle a land dispute.There were a lot of middle men who did not allow her to speak to the owner of the land in issue and kept her in dark for years.She was longing for someone who is trustful and can help her.

I connected her to Santosh Bhurani.Well,that is what was required.Santosh spoke to her,arranged a meeting with the land owner,made them meet and resolved the issue in one meeting.The land owner told her that Santosh is like his family member and asked her to consider the issue is already resolved in her favour.Something that could not be resolved in 4 long years got resolved in 1 day.And the best part is that Santosh did not gain anything from this deal.

- Govind Jeyram-Amita

We had recommended Santosh to one of our clients for whom we were designing an 80,000 sft. school, which he wanted to lease for a long time.Within a week Santosh was able to find an institutional client who was willing to take the entire 80,000 sft,building on a lease for 30 years.Our client was simply amazed how quick, professional and genuine the transaction was and was highly thankful for the recommendation.

-Ar.Shezan Bhojani-Managing Director-Design Cafe

Thank you for finding us a good place for our respite care unit.We have been on the look out for more than a year now,from day one you could understand our needs and get us a place that matched our expectations.We are extremely happy with your services we are also very greateful for wavering us off service charges considering we are a non-profit organization.

We are looking forward to a continuous support for our future.Please do visit our centre.

-Janaki Vishwanathan-Foundation for Action,Motivation & Empowerment

We have used the services of Santosh Bhurani of Bhurani Real Estate for buying a land in a gated community,for leasing a 100 seater office space and also for selling an apartment.Santosh has delivered in the first 2 cases and we are confident he will also deliver in the 3rd case.His market information is clear and accurate;dealings absolutely transparent and response very timely.He is definitely our go to man for all our real estate requirements.We wish him and his team 'All the Best!'

- Anjay Bansal-People Source Consulting Pvt.Ltd

I recommend that anyone interested in buying a land property,please call on Mr.Santosh Bhurani and have the personal experience of what I have mentioned and enjoy a permanent bond beyond that of a realtor,buyer and seller.

-Rajalakshmi.S.Rishi-Officer,LIC of India(Retd.,)Bangalore

Thank you Mr.Santhosh for helping with your kind words of encouragement to start my career in Real Estate.I will always remember you.


We were looking for an investment opportunity in real estate sector, Mr.Santosh Bhurani announces about Savera Enclave project which was coming up near Tumkur and offered the prelaunch rates to BNI Members.We booked a few sites and in aperiod of less than a year,the value of the land has appreciated by more than 50%.

If any one is looking for investing in real estate and expecting good returns,we strongly recommend their company.

-L.Balakrishnan-Managing Director-Software Made Easy

We Thank Mr.Santosh J Bhurani for his patience and silent support to our new project Aaspire Greenland which was sucessfully launched at Narasapura Industrial area.We also appreciate Mr.Santosh Bhurani for his contribution towards our sucess we look forward to your continous support.We recommend him for any real estate needs.

-Director-Aaspire Mansions Pvt.Ltd